1961 - 1990

1961 – Incorporation of AME in the State of Delaware as a subsidiary of Aladdin Petroleum Corporation based in Wichita, Kansas by George H. Bruce;


1962 – AME is granted exploration licenses in Turkey and becomes a petroleum right holder;


1965 – AME drills its first well in Turkey “GIRDARA-1”;



1970 – Oyman Sayer becomes a partner in AME. At this date AME is operating only one drilling rig in Turkey, a Bethlehem M58-C;


1974 – AME makes its first oil discovery in Yasince-2 well in Diyarbakir region, SE Turkey;


1975 – AME starts crude oil sales to MOBIL in Turkey;



1978 – AME establishes partnership with Adolf H. Lundin led companies (IPC- International Petroleum Corp.) for projects in Turkey;


1980 – AME acquires and becomes the Operator of Kahta oil field from Ersan Petrol Sanayii A.S. And boosts heavy oil production from this field;



1981 – AME brings Wintershall A.G. and Huffco (Roy M. Huffington Inc.) to Turkey as JV partners;


1982 – AME acquires two drilling rigs, National T-20, National T-32 and a Cardwell work-over rig. At this date the rig count is four;


1985 – Under a partnership with Bunker Hunt, AME brings PLACID OIL as a JV partner to Turkey. Under the same agreement AME brings a National 1320 drilling rig to Turkey with PENROD Drilling.


1986 – AME drills its first well for MOBIL in Turkey in the Selmo field;



1986 – AME brings its fifth drilling rig to Turkey, an IDECO H-1000 RAMBLER, in partnership with CHALLENGER DRILLING.;


1986 – AME brings ARDPET (TUSKAR RESOURCES Plc.) under a very extensive JV partnership to Turkey;


1986 – AME brings NESTE OY (National Oil Company of Finland) to Turkey as a JV partner;



1989 – AME enters into partnership with UNOCAL in Exploration projects in Turkey;


1989 – After SHELL revokes KCA’s drilling contract in Turkey after 20 years of service, AME takes

over KCA in Turkey with all of its assets including two National 80B drilling rigs equipped and built to operate under SHELL specifications;


1990 – AME boosts drilling contracting services to MOBIL in Turkey with expanded rig inventory. AME is operating 8 rigs in Turkey in 1990;


1990 – AME brings FOREST OIL and MONUMENT OIL Plc. as JV partner;


1990 – AME discovers Zeynel oil field in Adiyaman region, SE Turkey;