1991 - 2010

1991 – AME discovers Nemrut oil field in Adiyaman region, SE Turkey;



1992 – AME brings COPLEX RESOURCES Plc. as JV partner to Turkey;


1993 – AME discovers Hasancik oil fields in Adiyaman region;


1994 – AME assumes Operatorship of the Bulgurdag oil field from Mobil in the Adana region;



1995 – AME’s production in the Bulgurdag field reaches 300 barrels per day;


1996 – AME brings MOL Rt. (Hungarian National Oil Company) as JV partner to Turkey;


1997 – AME continues to develop Adiyaman oil fields and production reaches 1000 barrel per day for the first time;


1997 – After SHELL revokes DEUTAG’s drilling contract in Turkey, AME takes over two drilling rigs equipped and built to operate under SHELL specifications, a Wilson 75 and a Cooper rig and the rig inventory exceeded ten rigs for the first time;



2003 – AME discovers light oil in Karakilise-1 well in Diyarbakir, SE Turkey;


2004 – AME brings TETHYS OIL A.B. to Turkey as JV partner;


2005 – AME brings JKX Oil & Gas Plc. to Turkey as JV partner;


2007 – AME brings MELROSE RESOURCES Plc. to Turkey as JV partner;



2007 – AME drills its first well in Egypt for BURREN ENERGY Plc. solely as a drilling contractor;


2008 – AME drills another well in Egypt for EDISON.


2008 – AME discovers Arpatepe oil field in SE Turkey, the first oil field producing from Paleozoic reservoir in foreland basin of SE Turkey;


2009 – AME starts drilling operations in Israel as a drilling contractor;


2010 – AME brings EXILE RESOURCES and VALEURA as JV partners to Turkey;