Eruh Leases



Eruh Leases are located in Petroleum District X Siirt, contiguous to Raman, Garzan on the west of concession and Tawke Oil Fields on Turkish-Iraqi border. Leases cover 49.779 hectares. Sedimentation of Tertiary aged Hoya, Gercüş formations and Cretaceous-Tertiary Sirnak group can be seen on the surface. There are two surface anticlines which are NW-SE direction. Structure Closures of Anticlines are approximately 16 km2 and 20 km2 respectively. Eruh leases are also on the North of Arabian plate and neighbouring very attractive/promising huge oil discoveries in Raman and Garzan. Cretaceous Garzan/Sinan Formations, Mardin Carbonates and Jurassic/Triassic Cudi Groups layers have potential according to the previous geological studies.


The E. Sadak (Oymantepe) Oil Field was discovered with a 43,05 API gravity oil from Cretaceous Reservoir in January 2014 by AME. The field is producing with 6 wells.  AME holds %88 WI in Eruh Production Leases.