Our Team


General Manager, Technical and COO

Halil Aktas is a graduate of Hacettepe University with a focus on Finance and Business Management. Prior to AME, Aktas worked for several conglomerates in senior Business Development and Project Management roles.He joined AME in 2004 and responsible from technical management of the Company's operations. Halil Aktas has participated and organized oil and gas sector related workshops and scout meetings. He studied for a Master’s Degree on Oil & Gas at Middlesex University. 

Erdem KAYA

General Manager, Administrative

Erdem Kaya graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Baskent and holds master’s degrees from University of East Anglia, United Kingdom and Kent State University, United States on International Trade Law and Criminal Justice respectively. Erdem Kaya is responsible for representing the Company and leading its general business management and corporate affairs.Prior to joining AME, Erdem Kaya has practised as a lawyer and served in various companies and advised on a broad range of matters in business, commercial and legal affairs. Erdem is a member of various national and international associations.

Stuart PERT

Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Pert holds a BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies from Robert Gordons and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Institute of Directors, UK.Stuart Pert has more than 20 years in the oil and gas business. He commenced with Brown & Root in Aberdeen, working on top side and subsurface engineering projects in the North Sea oil sector. During this time, he qualified as an accountant. He then worked in Kuwait for the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC); Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) in Algeria, Gulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP) based in London with operations in Algeria and Iraq and was as a director of Weir SPM (UK), covering Europe, FSU and Brazil. Before joining AME, he was based in Zurich, Switzerland with Atlantic Energy, an oil and gas producer with operations in Nigeria.


Deputy General Manager, Technical

Huseyin is responsible for AME's exploration activities. He joined AME in 1995 as a Mud Logger and Well Site Geologist during which time he gained in depth knowledge and experience of AME’s operating areas.Having left AME for Arar, Merty and Tiway he rejoined the Company in 2012. He is a member of the AAPG, as well as the Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists and Turkish Association of Geological Engineers. Huseyin has expertise in petro-physics, log interpretation, prospect generation and geological studies contributing to multiple successful evaluations for AME. Huseyin Yıldırım holds a BSc in Geological Engineering from Cumhuriyet University.


Senior Geophysicist

Atila is a geophysicist with a BSc from Istanbul University and MSc from Ankara University in Petroleum Geology and Advanced Structure Geology. He spent 25 years at TPAO as a seismic interpreter in Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Libya.Prior to joining AME, Atila was Senior Geophysicist and Geophysical Interpretation Systems manager at Arar, Merty and Tiway. Atila has attended training courses in the US, Turkey, UK and Libya. He has also tutored in Turkey on Seismic Interpretation. He has several published and unpublished reports, is a member of SEG, Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists, TAPDG and UCTEA, Chamber of Geophysical Engineers. His responsibilities are focused on AME’s ongoing exploration and production projects.


Drilling Manager

İlker Vural graduated from Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University. Prior to joining AME, Vural worked for different energy companies both in Turkey and abroad as DSV, Co. Man and Consultant positions and has various experiences both planning and performing oil and gas  drilling operations onshore, offshore, slim hole, geothermal. At AME, he is responsible from the Company’s drilling operations. İlker Vural is a member of Chamber of Petroleum Engineers in Turkey.

Ahmet KÖSE

Senior Reservoir Engineer

Ahmet Köse is a senior reservoir engineer with more than twenty-five years of experience. Before joining AME, he worked for long years in TPAO and in several international companies specializing in carbonate oil fields and clastic gas fields. Ahmet Köse graduated from Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University.

Mehmet Necati AKINBİNGÖL

Finance Manager

Necati graduated Gazi University’s Faculty of Business Management in 1987. Having worked in various companies as a Finance Manager he joined AME in 2010 and is largely responsible for AME’s financial and accounting operations, maintaining the Company’s accounts, banking, budgeting and reporting to the board.


Finansal Kontrolör

Cem Özsoy iş yaşamına 2002 yılında İstanbul’da Ernst & Young’da başladı. 2005 ve 2010 yılları arasında Serbest Muhasebecilik alanında yönetici olarak çalıştı.  2010 yılında özellikle enerji, petrol ve gaz, maden endüstrisi için yabancı şirketlere muhasebe ve finansal danışmanlık hizmeti vermeyi amaçlayan Accounthink Outsourcing ve Danışmanlık şirketini kurmuştur. 


Information Technologies

Erdal is retired from TPAO as Chief System Administrator. With strong background in Unix, Linux, SGI and Windows operating systems, he has deep knowledge and experience in Geoframe, Carisma, SMT Kingdom Suite, Landmark Promax, Openworks, Oracle, and Tina software, server and project back-up and maintenance of IT structure.