Petek Lease



Petek oil field is located at NW to the city of Diyarbakir on the SE Anatolian Basin. The basin is the most active and oil prone basin in Turkey and it is located on the northern extension of the famous oil prone of the Arabian Plate, where the geology is very similar to Northern Iraq and Syria. However, in the SE Turkey Basin, the major reservoir and sources rocks are not as many as in the Arabian Plate. The basin contains rocks from Precambrian to recent that were deposited under different environmental conditions. Mostly Cretaceous source and reservoir couplet is considered to form the main petroleum system, but Palaeozoic mainly Silurian petroleum system is also present. Late Cretaceous Mardin Group is a widespread sedimentary sequence in the southeastern Turkey where main production is made.


Petek-1 well was put on production in 11 February 2014 and is producing from Cretaceous reservoir in the Mardin Group carbonates with 35.9° API gravity as 100 bbl/day. AME holds %50 equal WI with GYP.