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Aladdin Middle East Ltd. ("AME") is an independent American oil and gas exploration and production company founded in 1961 and focused on the strategic exploration and exploitation of oil and gas assets in Turkey. AME’s head office is in Wichita, Kansas, while the company's operational headquarters is located in Ankara, Turkey. Additional field offices are located at the operating sites for AME's production leases.

Today, the company holds a balanced portfolio of exploration and production assets that have short, medium and long term potential with over 300,000 hectares of onshore exploration and production licenses and leases in the Southeast Turkey Basin (North Arabian Shield).

AME has been a pivotal E & P company in the development of Turkey’s upstream sector. Through AME's efforts many underexplored basins in Turkey have been evaluated, yielding a large amount of technical and geophysical information and significant financial and social benefits for Turkey. AME has helped to bring a large number of American and European energy companies to Turkey as first time investors in the oil and gas sector.

AME is an industry leader in Turkish upstream and is the most senior private player in Turkey, second only to TPAO, the national oil company. AME’s success is a credit to our superior staff of professionals whose dedication, knowledge and skill allow AME to find new and innovative ways to develop value for our partners and investors.

AME is committed to respecting the environment, maintaining safety and upholding high standards of social responsibility throughout the company's operations. AME's success is built on technical expertise, business acumen, strong partnerships and proven ability to deliver superior results.

The Future of Aladdin Middle East

Going forward, we aim to build upon past success, acquiring more leases, drilling more wells, producing in larger quantities and adding value for our investors. AME is striving to be an integral part of what we believe to be a transformative moment in Turkey’s oil and gas industry as new techniques and a reinvigorated desire for exploration help to unleash Turkey’s full hydrocarbon potential. The company aims to expand in the near abroad. As a part of this process we will continue to add to our assets and infrastructure and hopefully, one day soon, take the step of becoming a publicly traded company.




Oil exploration typically depends to detect geophysical sophisticated technology and determine the extent of possible structures. Areas thought to contain hydrocarbons are initially gravity survey to identify magnetic survey and regional seismic reflection surveys undergone large-scale features of the geology below the surface. Characteristics of interest are subjected to more seismic surveys to refine the understanding of the subsurface structure. Finally, if a prospect identified and assessed positively, an exploration and drilling in an attempt to clearly identify the presence or absence of oil or gas. Oil and gas exploration is an expensive, high risk with a probability that is not found, or that the hydrocarbons are found in such small quantities that it is not worth making. In the North Sea only about one in eight exploration wells are quantities of oil and gas, to develop economically. It often takes several years from the award of an exploration license for the drilling of the first well.



Appraisal of discovery involves drilling more wells to reduce the degree of uncertainty in the size and quality of the potential field. If an exploratory well confirms that hydrocarbons are present, additional seismic data can be collected and one or more appraisal wells may be drilled. Based on the data from this method it is possible to estimate the amounts of oil and gas in the area, and how easy / difficult it can be to produce.



If commercially profitable accumulations of oil and gas drilling are found in the appraisal phase, the development phase begins. This phase includes the planning and the decision about how to develop the discovery. Decisive factors for value creation in this phase include the choice of the most cost-effective way of development and production activity and to ensure that the project can be completed on schedule.



The production phase involves production of oil and gas and also water, in different proportions. Value creating factors in this phase are production well planning, maintaining the rate of production and maximizing the life of the accumulation by injecting gas or water into specifically designed injector wells to maintain the pressure. The production phase includes production of oil and gas and water in different proportions. Value creating factors in this phase are production well planning maintaining the rate of production and maximizing the life of accumulation by maintaining the reservoir pressure.


A Message from Cem Sayer

President and Chairman of the Board of AME

Aladdin Middle East – A Trusted Name for More Than 63 Years

I’m proud to be able to introduce you to Aladdin Middle East Ltd., a company that my family has worked for more than 63 years to build into the exemplary corporation it is today. Thanks to our commitment to excellence and our experienced, dedicated professional staff, AME has been a trusted name in the Turkish petroleum industry for 63 years.

In that time we’ve built up a wealth of institutional knowledge about the Turkish market, including everything from the country’s unique geology to the laws and regulations which govern the industry. AME has excellent relationships with all of Turkey’s most important industry players, in both the public and private sector. Unlike in the early days when we started our operations in Turkey, there is now a fairly well developed oil and gas industry in Turkey that has ultimately enabled us to exit the competitive drilling contracting business, allowing us to concentrate our efforts more fully on the oil and gas exploration and production projects that will be the primary focus of AME going forward.

Every indicator shows that global oil demand will continue to grow and AME is positioned like never before to increase production and achieve higher returns due to our favorable cost structure. In this pivotal moment for the industry, I invite you to take a closer look at AME.

At AME, we strive each day to live up to the legacy of excellence associated with our company name, and I know that if you place your confidence in us, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together.

Cem Sayer Chairman of the Board & President

Never-ending enthusiasm in the oil exploration, development and production projects for 63 years...

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