Our Business Strategy


Our Business Strategy

Our goal is to enhance value through profitably increasing reserves, production and cash flow by executing our three fold strategy.

1- Multi-year Project Inventory

We believe our multi-year drilling and exploitation inventory of drilling locations and recompletion projects on our existing properties will allow us to grow our proved reserves and production for the next several years.

2- Enhanced Production

By evaluating additional productive horizons underlying our existing producing assets, we can increase our production from existing properties. This allows us to develop new sources of production without the cost of new exploration.

3- Pursuit of Emerging Plays

AME plans to aggressively pursue the acquisition, exploration and development of emerging oil and natural gas plays. We have assembled an exploration team to target emerging plays that have shown strong potential. Members of our technical staff have, on average, more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and have learned to recognize excellent prospects early on.

AME has four priorities::

1- To live in the best of our ability.

We direct investment budgets that are largely funded by operating cash flows. We maintain balance sheet strength, so that we are able to respond the quality of investment opportunities in our core regions

2- Focus our capital program..

We are in projects go faster operation to invest and deliver sustainable cash flow over a long period. We reduce initial investments invested in high-risk exploration. The 2014 and 2015 capital program will focus on the short term, higher netback opportunities. Long maturities exploration expenditures in 2014 are expected to account for only about ...% of the total capital spend AME.

3- To improve operational performance and reduce cost structure..

We do things better, faster, safer and cheaper. Our goal is to improve project execution and margins on each barrel we produce improve. AME checks all aspects of our cost structure. We take measures to reduce G & A costs, and will continue to improve drilling performance.

4- Unlock net asset value of the portfolio..

AME asset base includes large positions in several long-running pieces that generate little to no cash flow. We will continue to high-grade our portfolio and consider divestitures and joint ventures where the underlying values are not reflected in our financials. Our goal is to unlock ........ $ in value through joint ventures in the next 12 - 18 months.

Never-ending enthusiasm in the oil exploration, development and production projects for 63 years...

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