Mission & Vision



AME’s mission is to explore and produce hydrocarbons in order to create profits for investors and employees, and help Turkey and the world meet their energy needs.


Going forward, we aim to build upon past success, acquiring more leases, drilling more wells, producing in larger quantities and adding value for our investors. AME is striving to be an integral part of what we believe to be a transformative moment in Turkey’s oil and gas industry as new techniques and a reinvigorated desire for exploration help to unleash Turkey’s full hydrocarbon potential. The company aims to expand in the near abroad. As a part of this process we will continue to add to our assets and infrastructure and hopefully, one day soon, take the step of becoming a publicly traded company..

Never-ending enthusiasm in the oil exploration, development and production projects for 63 years...

  • + 90 (312) 427 90 20 (TR)
    +1-316-265-9311 (USA)
    +44 (0) 20 7583 8292 (UK)

  • Karum İş Merkezi, İran Cad.No:21/394 Kavaklıdere - Ankara, Türkiye