MAST: Model: Gin Pole Mast BBM133-430, Height: 138ft, Number of max lines: 10, Base Width xDepth: 19x7 ft, Number of Sheaves: 6, Main Cluster Sheave Diameter: 44”, Fast Line Sheave Diameter: 54”

DRAWWORKS:Model: IDECO H-725-D & COMPOUND DRAWWORKS, HP Rating: 725 HP, Drawwoks Hoisting Drum: 40 ¾” x 18” OD, Brakes Type Cooling: Circulating, Rotary Speeds: 2 Fvd-1 Re., Drilling Rope Size: 1 1/8”

Hydromatic Brake: Model: McKinney 23CCW, Brake Capacity: 5000 HP, Diameter: 23”, Maximum Speed:1550 rpm

SUBSTRUCTURE:Capacity: 425klbs,Size: 14’ high x 26’ wide x 56’ long

DRIVE GROUP:Engine Model: CAT-3406, HP Rating: 2 x420hp,Generator Model: CAT-3412,HP/Kw Rating: 2x 890hp/ 2x 664kW,Full load RPM: 1800,Frequency: 60hz

TOP DRIVE: Model: CANRIG- 6027/AC Capacity: 275mt Motor rating: 600hpMax RPM: 180 Weight: 22klbs Break-out capacity: 54000 ft.lbMake-up capacity: 50000

Top Drive Engine: Model: CAT: D399,Power: 1100hpFull load RPM: 1200Alternator: 1200rpm- 600V- 1000AHydraulic system dynamo: 1755rpm- 19,5A- 60hz

ROTARY TABLE: Model: RG-ZP275, Rated Static Load: 4540kN,Max Rotation Speed: 300 rpm,Hatch Diameter: 27-1/2”,Transmission Ratio: 3.67,Overall Dimension: 2392x167x685 mm,Floor Height: 14 ft

MUD SYSTEM: Mud Pumps:Pump Model: 2x F1600 Triplex Mud Pump,Rated Horsepower: 1,600 HP, Rated Pump Speed: 120 SPM,Maximum Liner Size by Stroke Length: 7" x 12",Gear Ratio: 4.206:1

Pump Engines:Engine Model: D399, Rated Horsepower: 1310 HP,Full load RPM : 1200

Mud Pits:Total Tank Capacity: 1100bbl, Agitators: 4x 7,5kW + 5x 11kW, Hopper Centrifuge: 3x 75kW 6”x8”x14” (2 on hopper pit, 1 on suction pit), 40bbl Slug Tank, 1200bbl water containing pits

Solid Control System: M-I SWACO Mongoose PRO Platform dual motion adjustable shale shaker with possum belly distribution box with bypass, 440-480V/60Hz//1800rpm/3 phase., API screen area 21.2 ft, weir height 29”.Explosion proof, UL rated motors -20 to +40 Degree C ambient, control box, and connections.Mud Cleaner: Derrick FLC-503 Desilter:    16x 4” Hydrocyclones & 75kW 6”x8”x14” Centrifugal pump, Desander: 2x 10” Hydrocyclones & 75kW 6”x8”x14” Centrifugal pump, Other Mud System Equipments: De-gasser: Kemtron KT-DG-1200 Vacuum Degasser, Poor Boy De-gasser, Stand Pipe: 4 ½”x 5000psi. Y-R Type Mud Manifold w/4ea 4”x5M OTECO Gate Valve

WELL CONTROL SYSTEM: 13 5/8” x5000psi Annular BOP, 13 5/8”x 5000psi Double Ram BOP w/9 5/8”-7”-5”-4 ½”-3 ½”-Blind rams, 13 5/8”x 5000psi Drilling spool w/ 2x 4 1/16” x5000psi,Koomey Closing Unit,Accumulator bottle: 19ea, Output: 8ea, Pneumatic pump: 1ea, Triplex pump: 1ea, Pressure gauge: 3ea (Accumulator-Manifold-Annular), Pressure control valve: 8ea, Choke Manifold, 4 1/16”x5000psi gate valve: 5ea, 2 9/16”x5000psi gate valve: 6ea, 2 1/16”x5000psi gate valve: 1ea, 2 9/16”x5000psi mechanical adjustable valve: 1ea, 2 9/16”x5000psi hydraulic adjustable valve: 1ea 2”x20’x5000psi Co-flex hose:1ea

IRON ROUGHNECK: Model: NOV ST-80C, Tubular (Tool Joint) OD Range: 4-1/4" to 8-1/2" ,Spin Speed: 75 RPM ,Spin Torque: 1,750 ft-lbs ,Maximum Make-up Torque: 60,000 ft-lbs , Maximum Break-out Torque: 80,000 ft-lbs

KELLY& SWIVEL :King Oil Tools 25MB-14 300t Swivel,Square 4 1/4" Kelly, 6 5/8 REG LH B- 4 IF P

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