Our Strengths


Our Strengths

Our strength lies in the ability to combine a deep understanding of our core regions with commercial and technical expertise in order to leverage value from material opportunities. Our position as the most experienced non-state operator in Turkey underlines our proven operational skills. We have the expertise, knowledge and skill to benefit from the evolving Turkish oil & gas landscape and return value to partners.

Finest Experts

The company's strategy is to attract, develop and retain the most talented and experienced technical personnel. Our people are at the heart of what makes AME such a successful and dynamic company.

Cultivating Excellence

We believe that a supportive company culture, competitive compensation and thoughtful recognition are a winning combination to attract and retain our valued employees. Our commitment to maintain a cohesive and positive working environment promotes creativity, fulfillment and personal and professional growth for all employees.

Worldwide Experience

All of our technical personnel are bilingual and adapted to conduct operations in any region under any local circumstances. Our technical staff has valuable experience in the following countries: Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Bulgaria, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Georgia.

Our partners are composed of active individuals and corporate entitities with high level of creditibility and experience in the international financial markets. AME is an experienced company and gained its partners respect and confidence through its operational and financial efficiency.

Never-ending enthusiasm in the oil exploration, development and production projects for 63 years...

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    +1-316-265-9311 (USA)
    +44 (0) 20 7583 8292 (UK)

  • Karum İş Merkezi, İran Cad.No:21/394 Kavaklıdere - Ankara, Türkiye