Aladdin Middle East (AME) has been named the Oil and Gas Company of the Year in Turkey and Cem Sayer, the President and Chairman of the Board of AME was awarded with the CEO of the year in Turkey for Oil and Gas in Corporate Excellence Awards by the respected business magazine “Business Worldwide” published in London.

The Corporate Excellence Awards of 2014 were presented to the recipients at the award ceremony held in London. Regarded as one of the prestigious awards of the business world, candidates are chosen from institutions and individuals from all around the world. The winners are selected through a comprehensive annual survey based on the performance and activities of the rising stars of the business world at regional, national and global levels.

In the speech he delivered at the award ceremony, Cem Sayer, the President and Chairman of the Board of AME, said that he was very honoured to receive two separate awards and pointed out that the awards reflect AME’s values and the role played since its foundation.

Mr. Sayer stressed that he is grateful to everyone who contributed to the preservation of AME’s values and institutionalized standards which were developed in its highly strategic activities. Cem Sayer added that AME’s purpose as Turkey’s oldest private oil and gas exploration and production company is to sustain its awarded business culture in line with its objectives.